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The JESSE KAMM brand was founded in 2005.  I stumbled into this line of work after many wild and wonderful adventures.  I took a sewing class and started researching the design and construction of vintage clothing.  After a year passed, I was making pieces for myself.  Stylists started to pull for shoots, and strangers wanted to buy the clothes off my back.  I saw an opportunity, and I took it.  Colette in Paris was the first door to carry JK.  Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle all ran stories within a year.  I remember calling my father and saying, “Dad, this is crazy.  Everything keeps falling into place.”  He simply responded with, “That’s how you know you are on your path.”

I am interested in making strong clothes for strong women.  Shapes that are minimal, clean, and handsome, constructed so that they will last until you are old, grey, and still very chic.  The textiles in my collection are fine.  Many of the fabrics come from a small mill in Japan, and whenever I am able, I source beautiful deadstock fabrics in an effort to be more sustainable.  Each piece of Jesse Kamm is made here in California.

I work nine months a year on the collection, and the other three months I spend with my family at our off-the-grid surf retreat in Panama.  I believe we are on this spinning rock for a short time, so do what you love, and do it well.